A Food Lovers’ Paradise: Lucknow

January 4, 2020

Lucknow's famous food

Introduction –

Food in Lucknow deserves a special mention and here I am with a blog on simply that!! Awadhi food from the city of the Nawabs, what else?!

Chicken Kathi roll
Chicken Kathi roll

Cuisine is a characteristic of any region that has a far reaching influence and familiarity. Like Mishti Doi and Rosogolla (both sweets) from Kolkata or should I say, Bengal and Butter Chicken from Delhi, Awadhi food is synonymous with Lucknow’s culture.
The people in Lucknow are known for their love for food and the food here, is renowned the world over. So let’s dig into the deliciousness !!!

Lucknow’s Specialties –

Galawati Kebab –

I will start with Galawati Kebab. It’s a melt in your mouth, ultra delicious kebab which is indigenous to Lucknow and Awadh’s people. Made of minced

Galawati Kebab
Galawati Kebab

meat either mutton, lamb or beef and mixed with tonnes of flavourful spices and herbs, these kebabs are usually flat and round in shape. This kebab came in to existence when the – then Nawab of Awadh became old yet still wanted to have his favourite kebabs. The royal chef created this one with minced meat which would melt in the mouth and the Nawab wouldn’t have to chew it. One of the absolutely best items we ate in Lucknow, simply in love with the Galawati kebab!!

Tunday kebab –

Tunday Kebab
Tunday Kebab

Another amazingly tasty minced meat kebab which is either made of mutton or beef. Flattish round shaped and containing oodles of spices, the tunday kebabs are also synonymous with the food culture of Lucknow which is famed all over the world. Here I should mention one small tidbit, these kebabs are all meat and spices yet they don’t feel heavy on your stomach. Such is the mastery of the chefs and cooks in Awadh.

Awadhi Biryani –

Next we come to the world renowned superbly yummy Biryani. The fragrant rice dish accompanied with meat

Awadhi Mutton Biryani
Awadhi Mutton Biryani

chunks is loved and consumed all across the world. Many regions have their own versions of this dish. Lucknow also has their own recipe – light flavourful rice and fall off the bones meat chunks. Not too spicy and not too oily, easy on the stomach and extremely delicious – we loved the Awadhi biryani.

Lucknow’s most famed restaurants –

Dastarkhwaan –

The amazing Biryani
The amazing Biryani

It’s a huge chain of restaurants serving amazing food to locals and travellers alike throughout the years. We had Biryani, Mutton roganjosh, butter naan and Galawati kebabs from this place. The kebab stood up to its name and fame and was absolutely yummy.

The naan which is an Indian or Mughlai flat bread  baked in a tandoor (clay oven) and the roganjosh was heavenly. Roganjosh is a dish of mutton

The restaurant - Dastarkhwaan
The restaurant – Dastarkhwaan

typically having a runny gravy and beautifully tender meat pieces. I can safely say this was the best mutton roganjosh I have ever eaten. The biryani was delicious, every piece was rice was evenly fragrant and the meat was just falling off the bones. Perfection!!

Tunday Kebabi –

Another famed restaurant chain in Lucknow which is known all over the country and the world.

Shahi Firni
Shahi Firni

We ate biryani, tunday kebab and firni from here. The biryani was flavourful and very tasty. The kebabs were amazing, extremely tender and mouth watering. The Firni is a sweet dish, prepared from milk and rice with dry fruits and set like an ice cream. It was very yummy too.

Rahim ki Nihari –

Lavish spread of delicious food
Lavish spread of delicious food

It’s a little place which is very famous. Known for their signature dish – the Nihari which is a stew of mutton or beef and essentially contains bone marrow. The marrow adds to the texture and flavour of the dish.

Prakash ki Kulfi –

Extremely famous for their kulfi which is kind of an Indian version of ice cream. Made of milk, saffron and maybe dry fruits and

Kesari Rasmalai - a famous sweet dish
Kesari Rasmalai – a famous sweet dish

set like ice creams, the kulfi is served with rose water and falooda i.e. like sweet noodles and dry fruits or any other flavours. That’s ending on a sweet note!!

Concluding the food journey –

In Awadhi cuisine, a lot of meat and spices are incorporated. The erstwhile Nawabs were gourmet and their taste for delicious food has been imbibed in their cuisine.

Patisha roll - Lucknow's famous sweets
Patisha roll – Lucknow’s famous sweets

Lucknow and it’s food culture is a culinary delight. Visiting the place and enjoying this beautiful cuisine has been an enriching experience.  And I’m glad to share this with you all. Hope you all have a good time reading through this blog as much as I had writing it and reminiscing about all the good food!!

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